Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades

We supply a large range of stainless steel wire and fittings for balustrading, shade sails, garden trellis and other applications. We also have for sale a full range of crimping and cutting tools.

You can buy small quantities that are ideal for the DIY market and also large quantities for builders and contractors at very competitive prices. We can deliver Australia wide.

We can make stainless steel cable assemblies to any size or specification.

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Wire Balustrade Kits

These are our range of stainless steel kits for wire balustrading. Each kit includes the turnbuckles, terminals, thimbles and ferrules needed for your stainless steel wire balustrade.

You may also buy any of our stainless steel fittings individually or in bulk.

stainless steel wire

Stainless Steel Wire

316 grade stainless steel wire is ideal for use in balustrades.
1 x 19 Stainless Steel Wire 1 x 19 Stainless Steel Wire
Must use an hydraulic swage tool for terminals.
7 x 7 Stainless Steel Wire 7 x 7 Stainless Steel Wire
Suitable for hand or hydraulic swaging.

The most popular size for balustrading is 3.2mm however we can also supply larger or smaller diameters.

We can supply wire "by the metre" or you can buy 305 metre rolls. We have 1x19, 7x7 and also 7x19 wire in stock..

baustrade kit 2

Stainless Steel Fittings

We have a range of fittings for stainless steel wire balustrading including:

You may buy any of these stainless steel fittings individually or in bulk.

If you need a stainless steel item that is not listed then please contact us as we may be able to help.

suspension cables and grippers

Suspension Cables

We have a range of suspension cables and cable grippers for hanging lights, signs, artworks, pipes and other applications. We can custom make cables to any size required.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh

Our stainless steel wire mesh is a ideal for use in construction, security, farming and other applications.

tie rod fork adjuster

Structural Tie Rods

We supply a large range of stainless steel tie rods, anchors and connectors for use in many architectural and construction projects.

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