About Us

Our company goal is to provide our customers with
  • quality products
  • at low cost, and
  • with fast, friendly and efficient service.

For over 25 years Mainz Pty Ltd has been delivering a wide range of products and services to our Australian and International customers.

We launched our stainless steel wire and fittings line and this website in May 2012. Our commitment in servicing our customers is backed by many years of experience.

Most of our products are manufactured in China so we can keep costs down, but we do select from the best and most reliable Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to provide good quality products that you can trust. We are Australian representatives for several manufacturers and can provided our wholesale customers direct acces to manufacturers to ensure the lowest prices and good consistent quality.

Graeme Eastman is the managing director of Mainz Pty Ltd, and the driving force behind the success of this business. He has a wide range of experience including over 10 years in the building industry as well as many years in import/export, product distribution and marketing. Graeme has also been actively involved in community service and industry organisations and has served on various policy committees for the Chamber of Commerce, Western Australia.

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